Medilook Scalp Relaxation System

Medilook Scalp Relaxation System is an all-in-one hair marvel! Unlike most hair and scalp treatment ranges that are usually used post-wash, the Medilook series will cleanse the scalp of dirt and oils; supplement hair with active ingredients and revive the scalp’s metabolic functions to effectively promote the growth of stronger…

Hoyu General Research Institute

Currently, Hoyu Japan has a General Research Institute comprises the following 3 laboratories which has unrivalled R & D facilities in the industry: Basic Research – conducts fundamental researches on hair-dyeing mechanism and product safety. Applied Research – develops state-of-the-art

Enjoy fuss-free DIY hair colouring at a touch of a button and keep remainder for the next touch-up.

It’s hard to deny the convenience and cost-savings you get with DIY hair coloring kits, but messy applications and having to toss out unused leftovers remain a barrier. With these concerns in mind, Hoyu presents the fuss-free solution for easy and efficient DIY hair coloring – the innovative CIELO Cream Hair Color.